Billionaire Bezos‘ 52-year-old fiancée walks around in a miniskirt and isn’t shy

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, 58, and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, 52, sometimes look like a teenage couple in love.

Of course, on the red carpet, they are worthy of a billionaire and his companion. In contrast, at ordinary events, they cuddle, frolic, and pay no attention to anything. This is especially true for Bezos: he usually keeps his eyes on Sanchez. And we can see why.

When Bezos first announced his plans to divorce his wife, the tabloids froze in anticipation and rushed to talk about it.

Some people found it rude. But people disagreed that it still suited Lauren. To recap, the couple have been rumored to be engaged since last fall, when Sanchez showed off a large diamond ring on her finger in October 2021, and have worn it multiple times since.

But since businessmen, unlike showbiz stars, prefer to keep major events in their private lives a secret, we thought we’d find out about his marriage after the fact.

If we would like to see Lauren in a wedding dress, she will definitely choose an unusual and provocative outfit.

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