They had known each other for 4 years, but the bride’s mother found old photos

It’s like in a fairy tale. During the holidays, a boy meets a young girl.

They form a beautiful friendship, they separate and after 20 years, they meet again and fall in love.

The relationship between Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt was meant to be continued.

When they were six years old, they had met while vacationing by the sea.

When they were students, they both lived in the same house, but a year apart.

Later in life, they miraculously found each other.

Ed didn’t know how to use the washing machine in the student apartment.

He had found an old post belonging to Heidi, so he looked her up on Facebook for help.

Heidi got her message and a few weeks later they met.

The young people fell in love. They hit it off on their first date.

Four years later Ed asked for her hand and of course she said yes.

A few months passed from their wedding, when one day the parents of the couple organized a family dinner together.

Then Heidi’s mother remembered how her daughter had a friend on a vacation trip by the sea, also named Ed.

Nobody believed it, but Heidi’s mother had all the photos to prove it.

It was amazing, young Ed and Heidi, six years old, standing next to each other, full of smiles.

The youngsters actually had no memory of meeting each other as children, but the photos showed that they spent a lot of time together.

Even Ed’s parents found pictures of Heidi and her sisters in their photo album from that same vacation.
Fortunately, they found each other and this time weaved a wonderful bond of love.

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