The first love is never forgotten: the couple in love did not meet again until they were 60 years old

In our life, sometimes unexpected and amazing things happen. The story of a British woman, Julie Mutlow is proof of this.

Julie was 14 when she met her first love, a young musician named Mark.

They met and walked together by the lake.

But their union did not last longer, they broke up. Julie got married at 17 and became a mother of 4 children.

But her husband left her and he had to raise his children alone.

After the divorce, the woman gained weight, and she began to live with her 126 kilograms.

These children grew up and Julie became a grandmother.

She was a loving grandmother who always cared for her grandsons, one of whom required special care because the child was autistic.

At that time, Julie was becoming obese and the doctors were saying she might develop diabetes.

Upon learning of the diagnosis, the woman became very depressed.

But fate pleasantly surprised her. After 43 years apart, Julie met her first love, Mark.

Mark had found it on Facebook after a special search.

At first, former lovers contacted each other on the Internet.

Julie finally understood that she had to lose weight and that she had to do something.

So she joined the World of Weight Loss group.

Having struggled with excess weight, in a year the woman lost several kilograms.

One fine day, the former lovers met. And now they have formed a tender friendship.

And now, apparently, they will start their life together again.

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