Suspicious mother thinks her son’s girlfriend is a real diamond digger

This story was told by a young woman on Reddit, an American community website for discussion and social information.

The woman described what happened between her and her fiancé’s mother who accused her as often as possible that she was with her son for his money.

But this mother-in-law did not know the main thing…

In truth, it was the bride who provided for her boyfriend and her mother. And one fine day the girl decided to reveal the whole truth.

The network user reached out to the community for advice regarding this matter.

She said her fiancé was born into a wealthy family, yet she comes from a working class family.

Although her boyfriend’s parents were nice to her, they often hinted that she was a diamond digger.

When the woman saw that her son’s fiancée was wearing something new, she would ask with far from polite exclamations, „Ah, yes, didn’t Jason pay for that.“

It’s the gold diggers who make their boyfriends pay for everything. »

But the boyfriend never answered his mother anything to defend his fiancée.

Once, the mother took her daughter-in-law’s hand and looking at her bracelet, said, “How pretty, he paid for it?

A girlfriend of my brother, a woman in a relationship for money, liked to have things like that. »

But this time, the young woman could not withdraw her anger and revealed the whole truth, telling that for a long time Jason had been unemployed and that it was she who provided for all the needs of her son.

Her fiancé just shook his head and said nothing.

And when his parents started scolding him, there was a quarrel between them. So the young people quickly left.

And when they were returning, on the way, her fiancé got angry with her, saying that she took advantage of the unfavorable situation to get revenge on her mother.

At the end of her story, the young woman asked users if she was right in revealing the truth about her son’s work.

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