Photographer takes amazing shots, which show how alike humans and animals are after all

Pets are like their owners, they say. But a Polish photographer, Mariola Glajkar, does not entirely agree with this statement. According to her, almost any animal can resemble a human being in its behavior, even in certain traits of its appearance.

Mariola Glacar is a professional photographer who has won several international photography competitions and proven her skills. One of his series is about animals.

She made several portraits where she placed a person and a representation of a faun, thus showing how different creatures can look like other creatures.

The resulting work is therefore not only seductive in its magical beauty, but also conveys the unlikely connection between two seemingly different worlds.

The photographer admits that her photos of animals are among the most difficult and captivating. His patience increases each time an animal appears in the workshop. How can you not smile when you see them?

Most of the time, the models are our favorite cats and dogs, but sometimes photographer Mariola Glaicar chooses unexpected characters. For example, birds. But even in these photos, one can find similarities and magic.

A dog is your best friend and he will love you more than anyone.

Mariola Glacar is thrilled with the images she captured of dogs. After all, she says, it’s the sincerity of these animals that makes the photos perfect.

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