Kate Winslet, 47, flaunts her extra pounds on the red carpet.

Award-winning and one of Hollywood’s most talented actresses, Kate Winslet rarely leaves her wardrobe.

The star prefers to be remembered for her roles rather than her glamorous red carpet appearances. Kate works hard, does charity work and spends her free time with her children and her family: her husband, billionaire Edward Abel Smith.

Besides, these two are the most private stars in the world. Edward, the actress‘ third husband. Their meeting took place in very unusual circumstances. Winslet and Smith met in 2011 on Necker Island in the Caribbean. Around this time, there was a fire at Uncle Edward’s vacation home. Kate, who happened to be nearby, rescued her future husband’s great-aunt from the burning house.

However, Winslet is always present at the premieres of films that fans look forward to.

Alongside co-workers Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana, Winslet looks plump. However, many fans insist that it’s not her at all.

Kate recently spoke in a new interview about being overweight and how it is perceived in Hollywood.

When I was younger, my agent called me and asked me, “How much do you weigh? “, remembers the oscar winner. At the time, he was advised not to venture into other roles and to stick to „fat“ comedian roles. But, as we all know, she went her own way and achieved a lot.

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