It’s a touching story: a young single woman becomes the mother of several children

32-year-old Lacey Dunkin of Fresno, California, opened her heart and home to six sisters in need of a loving family a few years ago.

The woman says Sophia, 9, twins Natalie and Melanie, 7, Kaylee, 6, Lea, 4, and Cecily, 2, are the loves of her life.

“They bring me so much joy and turmoil, but my life would be so empty and boring without them.

It’s an honor to be their mother, they melt my heart,” Lacey told People.

Lacey went to great lengths to keep the sisters together.

She adopted five of the six girls in July 2013, after fostering them for nearly a year.

She also worked to have the youngest daughter, Cecily, join their family after she was born.

The family celebrated Cecily’s official adoption in March 2015.

Lacey never wanted to get married, but she always wanted to be a mom.

When the social worker offered to foster five children at once, the woman answered yes without even thinking.

“I didn’t even imagine not keeping them together,” the adoptive mother explained.

Within a few days, the girls began to feel at home, and their adoptive family immediately fell in love with them.

Lacey’s parents, Jeri and Ronnie Dunkin are always supportive of their daughter, caring for the girls as well.

Grandma Jeri told People that the little ones adore their mother and Lacey is constantly looking for ways to help them as much as possible.

“I wouldn’t trade my treasures for anything in the world. I’m so honored to be their mother,” Lacey said.

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