This philanthropic man leaves a massive £100million legacy to charities

It is a story about the life of a charitable benefactor who left his enormous legacy to various people and organizations.

Scotsman Simon Gibson from Exning was the owner of a large piece of land.

The man inherited much of his property from his father. And the latter had inherited his fortune from his uncle.

Uncle William Tatham was the founder of the Atlantic Shipping Company, the region’s largest exporter of coal which was mined in Wales.

Later, in 2016, William was granted the title of lord and purchased the property from Exning.

As the man had no other successor, he left his entire inheritance to his nephew George, the father of Simon Gibson.

Simon Gibson never looked like such a wealthy man who had a fortune of £100m.

He wore simple clothes and drove an old car. He never spent his holidays in expensive fancy hotels.

The kind-hearted man gave money to anyone who needed it.

Simon Gibson left this world at the age of 94. He was unmarried and left much of his fortune to various charities.

He had also made legacies to educational establishments, to servants, to pensioners, to his nephews and nieces, to churches.

As an honorary canon of Ely Cathedral, he bequeathed £1 million to the Ely Cathedral Trust.

His 1,776-acre estate is on the market with an ask price of £50million.

The memory of this honorable benefactor will always live on in the hearts of many people.

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