This Is What The Heiress To The Late ‘Joker In The Dark Knight’ Star Looks Like Today

Ledger’s 17-year-old daughter: The girl is the exact copy of her father

H. Ledger will always remain among the most prominent and well-known actors who starred brilliantly in “The Ledger’s Daughter” for which the talented received an Oscar.

The iconic man was found dead in his Manhattan apartment at the age of 28 in January 2008. Heath was intoxicated by tranquilizers, sleeping pills and painkillers.

He died four months later after his breakup with Mr. Williams who in 2005 gave him an heiress, Matilda.

The newborn drastically changed Ledger’s life for the better and he always considered his family the most precious thing on Earth to him.

Later, the family moved to a farm.

Michelle had a relatively long relationship with a musician, Phil Elverum, but in 2020 she married director T. Cale and this year the couple announced they were having a baby.

It should be noted that Matilda celebrated her 17th birthday in October this year and, as many claim, she is the exact copy of her late father. It is also pertinent to mention that she mostly inherited her looks from her father.

Matilda inherited not only her father’s appearance, but also his features. She also demonstrated her skateboarding skills in the drama “Kings of Dogtown” released in 2005.

It must be started that Ledger was passionate about chess having won the Junior Chess Championship at the age of 10.

Matilda saved her father’s old failures and plans to become a master in herself too. Before Ledger’s premature departure, the man intended to make a film dedicated to chess, but he did not succeed.

It’s still unclear if Matilda will pursue a career in the film industry like her father did, but it’s safe to say that Ledger would certainly be proud of his talented heiress.

What do you think of his 17-year-old daughter?

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