The way Roberts congratulated his children on their birthday touched everyone.

Roberts posted a touching old photo congratulating his twins on their birthday

Interestingly, Hollywood actress J. Roberts recently celebrated her children’s 18th birthday by warmly congratulating her beloved children.

It should be mentioned that the ‚Pretty Wife‘ star has two heiresses and one heiress and her absolutely adorable twins Hazel and Finneas, believe it or not, are already 18 years old.

The touching file photo Roberts shared shows the legendary woman in an eye-catching top, with her wavy hair pulled back into a simple bun while looking literally stunning. The film star gently held her baby girl in her arms, and her heir sat quietly in a chair.

She signed „You are 18 today, I love you“, after which her followers, friends and all her colleagues rushed to congratulate her adorable children on their birthday.

It should be mentioned that the father of the children is D. Moder, and the spouses also had another son who is currently 15 years old. Meanwhile, the iconic couple are not in favor of sharing details about their family life.

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