Ordinary people who look like celebrity lookalikes!

Celebrities constantly attract our attention, whether we like it or not: if we check social networking sites, we see celebrities and their photos; if we watch a movie or listen to music, we see them and listen to them again. It is clear that we cannot hide from celebrities. And, interestingly, we see them in everyday life. You have a 0.0001% chance of meeting a celebrity, but when you look at other people’s faces, they look exactly alike. See for yourself.

„There’s a Morgan Freeman in my area.“

Robert Downey Jr. has decided to take to the bush and get closer to people.

And this person looks like Albert Einstein who would have traveled in time.

This person and Mark Zuckerberg have a lot in common when it comes to looks.

He’s no longer a man who looks like John Lennon, he really is.

The future Woody Harrelson. I hope it’s a boy.

Will Smith from Venezuela.

This boy could be Zendaya’s understudy.

This guy has a smile like Bradley Cooper!

We don’t know much about John Cena – it turns out he was a soldier in the Polish Legion in 1940!

Harry Potter

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