Child actors who have grown up for a long time, but who have not changed at all!

It is amazing that some movie stars have not changed their appearance since their youth.

Here are adult celebrities who have starred in movies since childhood and haven’t changed one iota over the years.

Christine Ricci.

When she was 15, Christina starred in Casper, a film about a friendly ghost.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Today, Joseph is sought after not only as an actor, but also as a director, producer and composer.


In recent years, Johansson has become another comedic heroine for most viewers.

Elijah Wood.

Elijah has appeared in films since childhood – one of his best-known teenage roles was in the teen horror film The Faculty; 19 years later, we see an equally young Wood.

Bianca Lawson.

Bianca’s first big role was a supporting role on the popular 1990s TV series. Today, the actress is 43, but not much has changed. Lawson continues to appear in soap operas. One of her most recent appearances was in the multi-episode film Queen of the Sugar Mill.

Kristen Stewart.

Long before becoming the star of Twilight, Kristen Stewart appeared in small films. The young actress’s first major role was in the film Safe Stuff; 15 years later, in Personal Shopper, Stewart is still as young as ever.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

After several small roles in television series, Brodie-Sangster made his film debut in Love Actually. 19 years later, Brodie-Sangster has retained his boyish looks and has become a sought-after actor in Hollywood.

Winona Ryder.

When Deadly Attraction came out, 18-year-old Winona had already starred in four films. Thirty-three years have passed since then, but time doesn’t seem to stand still for Ryder.

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