This Is What The Iconic Kidman Would Look Like If She Hadn’t Had Any Plastic Surgery

Imagine if Kidman hadn’t had plastic surgery

The fact that the famous actress looks much more attractive and younger than her age actually has an explanation – the work of plastic surgeons.

For her flawless and attractive appearance, the iconic woman not only leads a healthy lifestyle, maintains a basic diet, and regularly attends a gym, Kidman periodically turns to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons to achieve a desirable appearance.

And experts found that if the outstanding actress hadn’t had any surgery, she would look that way. Of course, this is just a prediction and no one can know exactly what it would look like.

Pictured, showing her without having had all those plastic surgeries, shows the slightly larger lower part of the actress’ face that occurs over the years as one gets older. However, doing all the beauty procedures, Kidman with an oval face and perfect skin delights absolutely everyone.


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