He melted the hearts of the audience. Father sings of his lost son on ‚Britain’s Got Talent‘

The jury was delighted with this performance

Living in a tragedy and reuniting with those who have gone through the same thing can bring comfort and hope. The participants of the “British Choir of the Missing” have lost children or loved ones.

They comfort each other and explain that singing makes them more powerful and “good for the soul”. Not so long ago, the choir members took part in the program “Britain’s Got Talent” in order to get their message across and the jury, which included Simon Cowell, was delighted with the performance of the choir and the optimistic message.

“I miss you”, created by one of the choir members, Peter Boxell, is presented by the choir. Peter’s son dispersed in 1988 when he was 15 after a football match in south London. Peter still hopes to find his son.

By the time it was all over, all of the jury members were amazed and many in the audience were touched.

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