Demi Moore showed her face up close after the botched plastic surgery accusations.

A few days ago, Demi Moore appeared at Fendi’s collection launch in a chic black silk jumpsuit.

Representatives of the brand had surely hoped that the abundance of famous models would attract the most attention. However, they didn’t expect Demi to be so talked about. After the show, it wasn’t the Kim Jones collection everyone was talking about, it was the horrible face the actress showed on stage

And now, for the first time since her scandalous exit, Ms Moore has posted a close-up of her face. This happened during Naomi Campbell’s show, symbolically titled “No Filters”.

Demi Moore, who is believed to have failed plastic surgery, shows a close-up of her face.

Many today believe it is simply the outline of a face that has been reshaped, either accidentally or deliberately. It is uncertain whether modern products and make-up technology can completely alter facial features and create arbitrary optical illusions.

This theory is supported by a photograph of Demi taken immediately after or just before the show with Christy Turlington and Kate Moss, who paraded that evening. In these images, Moore’s face shows no dramatic change.

However, some felt that the faulty plastic surgery had indeed taken place, but was now hiding it. In the shot with Naomi, Demi’s cheekbones and cheeks are partially obscured by her loose hair, but the light is so professional and complementary that she looks beautiful to everyone.

Nevertheless, everyone knows that Demi Moore has not had one or two plastic surgeries in her almost 60 years of life.

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