actresses who weren’t afraid to be bald

Femininity is not equal to long flowing curls and lush soft curls. Many famous women have proven that you can shave bare or very short, but at the same time feel confident. Almost all of them did it for roles, but they had to live in a new image for a while and in real life.
We feature 15 actresses who either shaved bare or rocked a really short haircut—a hedgehog.
Natalie Portman

Hollywood’s most famous beauty, who not only shaved for the movie, but did it in front of the camera, and the moment entered the cinema. You want to see? See “V stands for Vendetta”.
Kristen Stewart

In the spring of 2017, the teen idol shocked fans by appearing in the light of an almost bald, or rather, platinum “hedgehog”. Nothing foreshadowed. „It’s very useful!“ – noted the actress in an interview.
Demi became one of the first stars to decide to shave for a movie role. Next, Bruce Willis‘ wife shed lavish black hair on the set of military drama Soldier Jane.
Cate Blanchett

Charlize Theron
For the sake of the “Monster“, the luxurious Hollywood blonde gained 15 kg and mutilated herself, and shaved for the movie”MAD Max: the road of rage”. And who will say that she has not had an extremely short haircut?

Anne Hathaway
Hathaway got rid of her thick black hair for the role of Fantine in the musical Les Miserables. And the sacrifices were not in vain: the actress for this role received an “Oscar”.

Sigourney Weaver
In the first and second parts of “Alien”, the actress played with hair, but for the third part of 1992 she had to shave naked.

Kate Hudson
Hudson suddenly appeared in the light with an extreme „hedgehog“, literally shocking the audience. It turned out that all the victims for a new role in the singer’s film SIA “Sister”, which is scheduled for release in 2018.

Rose McGowan
Forgotten by all, rose McGowan, who was spoken about loud and clear in the context of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, shaved the most noble motivations (according to her). She did it to protest the generally accepted canons of femininity in Hollywood, proving to herself and others that it is possible to be a woman without luxurious hair and perfect style.

Olivia Cooke
The young British actress had to shave bare for the role. Olivia played a cancer girl in the independent drama “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl”. With such eyes, of course, it is not terrible to get rid of hair.

Karen Gillan
The Scottish actress, who rose to fame for her role in the ‚Doctor Who‘ series, shaved off for the role of the villainous Nebula in ‚Guardians of the Galaxy‘.

Cynthia Nixon
The star of the 2012 “Sex and The City” series has gone absolutely bald. And I didn’t do it for a movie role, but for a theater role! Cynthia played Poetry teacher Vivian Beering, who suffers from oncology.

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