10 Legendary Hollywood Actresses In Their Young And Old Age

They were called, admired, envied and revered among the most beautiful women of the 20th century. We remember them as young and beautiful, but they were so only for a short period of earthly life.
We present the 10 most beautiful women in Hollywood films of the 20th century, in their youth and maturity.
Vivienne Lee

One of Hollywood’s greatest actresses, a Brit who the world knew as Scarlett from the epic ‘Gone with the Wind’. His creative life was intense and his real life was very short. The actress won 2 Oscars, surpassing every imaginable heroine of classic literature on stage, and died of tuberculosis aged just 53. Katharine Hepburn

The record for the number of Oscars is not beaten to this daythe greatest Hollywood actress. She won 4 Oscars, but turned them all down and never came to the presentation. She said her job was to act in films, and that’s all she was interested in. Acting absorbed the whole life of Catherine Hepburn: she solved problems in her personal life, such as getting married at a young age, divorcing and not having children.
Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo (Greta Rovisa Gustafsson) It has become a symbol of feminine and human loneliness. Having started acting in her twenties, she ended her career at its peak. Garbo, born in Sweden, became an American citizen in 1951, buying a seven-room apartment in Manhattan in 1953 and living in seclusion for the rest of his life.
Elizabeth Taylor

Another native Briton who has become her own in Hollywood. She was the one who paid the first biggest commission in Hollywood history of $100 million for the role of Cleopatra – and that was in 1961! Above all, Taylor loved the press because of her passion for jewelry, her friendship with Michael Jackson and, of course, her 8 marriages.
Audrey Hepburn

A symbol of purity and innocence, Bambi is a wild animal with wide eyes, one of the most beautiful actresses of 20th century cinema. And although many do not see her as a great and talented actress, the kindness and cordiality for which Hepburn was famous, until the end of her days, did not allow this wonderful woman to live.
Grace Kelly

In the edition of “100 greatest movie stars in 100 years” Grace Kelly is in 13th place. In all sorts of ratings of the most beautiful women and actresses of the 20th century, she always appears first, and then in the top 3.
His film career was brilliant, but short-lived. In 1956 her last film was released, and the same year she became the wife of the 3rd Rainier of Monaco. Having given birth to three children, she became an exemplary wife and mother, but at the age of 52 her life was cut short by a car accident.
Betty Davis

Even before Meryl Streep, known for her many Oscar nominations, Davis became the first person in film history to be nominated for 10 Oscars. In total, she received 11 nominations and 2 awards. By the way, they say that it was she who named the Oscar statuette because of the similarity with her husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson.
Davis wasn’t a classic beauty, but it was her atypical “fish-eyed” appearance that became one of the paths to the world of big movies for her. She played until the end: in 1989, her last film “The Evil Stepmother” was released on the 2nd, at the same time that she was diagnosed with cancer, and on the 10th she died.
Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner, on the one hand, is a standard Hollywood star who combines acting talent and has always been the heroine of gossip chronicles for novels. Gardner was called an actress with an angel face and a goddess body, and in her novels there was a connection with the most famous representatives of the film industry, and one of her husbands was Frank Sinatra.
In 1986, after 2 strokes, the actress was partially paralyzed and the same year released her last film. She spent the last 4 years of her life in London and was bedridden.
Ingrid Bergman

Multifaceted, sophisticated and intelligent, who speaks several languages, won 3 Oscars and can play many roles, she is still the most talented Bergman of the 20th century, after 9 years of battling breast cancer, died the day of his birthday.
Lauren Bacall

Due to the startling similarity of the portraits, many confuse the young Bacall with Catherine Hepburn. But unlike the tough “Snow Queen” Hepburn, Bacall was always more active and active, not lonely and reclusive, and even in her mature years played a lot. In addition, the actress, a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party, often talked about this topic and appeared on American talk shows. Lauren Bacall died of a stroke a month before her 90th birthday.

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