What’s going on in Inspector Emilien’s love life?

It only gets better with time. What a man.

Have you forgotten the charming police inspector in Taxi, whose failures delighted the public? Besides, Fredrik Diefenthal’s private life is no better than in this sensational film.

The actor became world famous for this role. As a result, he attracted a lot of attention from women. Diefenthal only married twice, and both times the man he chose became his colleague at the store.

In 1999, he got engaged to Claire Kemm, but they decided to divorce soon after.

Dolg’s reputation is not gloomy: in 2004 he met the future mother of his son Gabriel, actress Gwendolyn Amok. This union lasted nine years, after which the couple filed for divorce.

Since then, the cult comedy star has led a solitary life.

According to the portal “Interesting to know”, Emilien Cotan-Kerbalais likes to spend time with various women and close friends.

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