What the Special Needs Boy Who Was Adopted by a Brave Woman Looks Like Now

Natalie, a single woman, had long dreamed of adopting a child. She wanted to take him to an orphanage.

One day, by chance, the woman came across the website of the Change One Life Foundation (boarding school for deaf, dumb and blind children) on the Internet, where there were photos of the children.

Five-year-old André has a lot more to him and Natalie fell in love with it.

The kind woman decided that she could benefit the boy, to look after him and surround him with maternal love.

The woman learned that the little one was a child with special needs and he was born deaf and mute.

But that did not prevent her from going to see him and taking care of the preparation of the adoption documents.

From the first meeting, Natalie understood that the little one with the wise eyes was capable and gifted.

He was an active and sociable boy. You just had to support him and take care of him.

André began to live in his new home. Her little heart was surrounded by boundless motherly warmth.

André was a smart kid. He had a good imagination and loved to draw.

With his new mother, he felt at ease.

Thanks to the care and maternal love, the health of the child improved a lot, because in his new family, André was doing well more and more.

Doctors say it’s a real miracle and the little one will still be able to recover.

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