What does the wife of the most attractive actor in France look like?

Gaspar’s sharp, chiseled grey-blue eyes and disarming smile made him one of the finest actors of his time. A thin, barely noticeable scar on his face, however, gives the image of the actor an air of delinquency. On the eve of the birthday of a talented actor who turns 37 today, let’s remember all the wonderful things celebrities do.

Gaspar’s first famous relationship was with Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard. Despite media attention and hopes of a long life together, the couple did not stay together for long. After the breakup, Juliette does not remain single for long, but falls in love again, this time with Cécile, Vincent Cassel’s sister.

By the way, she successfully combines her acting and singing careers, so both creative natures do not get bored in their relationship. Although their fans expected a quick wedding, Cecil and Gaspar announced their divorce after three years of marriage without giving a reason.

Interestingly, while still in a relationship with Cécile, Juliette was seen in the company of Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, and their behavior was not exactly friendly. Obviously, the actor’s volatile nature means he can’t tolerate all women, but that doesn’t make Gaspar any less attractive to the fairer sex.

After his divorce from Cassel, the actor begins a new relationship, just as passionate, with Jordan Crandall. He loves art and works as an assistant to the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The relationship with Jordan lasted five years, after which Uler, who does not like loneliness, fell in love again. This time, the Frenchman chose the singer Gaëlle Pietri.

After only a year together, her lover Gaspar welcomes the birth of their first child, a common son. The couple have been together for almost nine years and the actor’s fans admire how the once frivolous and easy-going Gaspar has become a loving husband and father. He obviously needed the wise Gaëlle who, ignoring her husband’s frivolities, was able to assure him peace and a family life.

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