This beautiful girl was born with a rare phenomenon: now she has become a real beauty

Little Connie who was born with a huge red birthmark on her nose.

At first, the child’s parents thought it was a reaction from birth.

The doctors also confirmed that the redness would pass soon.

But the months passed and the stain still did not disappear.

When the little girl started going to school, new problems arose.

Zara Green, Connie’s mother, said that sometimes kids can be very naughty. The girl was teased by her peers.

Some called him clown, others called him Santa Claus.

When the girl’s parents approached the specialists again, they reassured them that it was a benign form of tumour, that it could be removed at the age of ten.

When one day, the little girl asked her mother that she would like to have a nose like hers, the parents became worried and understood that something had to be done to guarantee the child a peaceful life.

The child therefore underwent surgery which, fortunately, was successful.

Now Connie’s nose has a scar that will fade over time.

At school, no one makes fun of her anymore. And in the Christmas play, little Connie will play the role of a kitten like all the usual children.

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