These cute quintuplets have already grown up: the loving mum tells the curious story of her little ones

Six years ago, 37-year-old microbiologist Oxana from Ukraine discovered she was pregnant for the second time and was carrying quintuplets.

When the woman found out she was carrying five babies at once, she was very shocked.

„But their hearts were already beating inside me, and I just had to move on,“ the blogger mom wrote on Instagram.
She gave birth to five healthy children.

The babies were born prematurely and each weighed about a kilo.

Oxana’s life became like a kindergarten all day non-stop with her eldest daughter Alice and the five younger siblings.

“The five are so cute and Alice is from a fairy tale,” the woman says of her family.

The children were running everywhere, asking for a drink, to draw. They were dancing and asking dozens of questions at the same time.

When we went for a walk by the sea, the mother dressed the children in shiny vests so that they were visible and not lost sight of her.

The single mother said that keeping so many children would not be possible without charitable help, since after the birth of the quintuplets, she divorced.

When the little ones started going to kindergarten, for mom it was a real salvation, because in a few hours in the day she could do a lot.

“After the children were born, I became braver and stronger. I believed in myself.

Before, I couldn’t even imagine what I’m doing now,” the popular blogger shared.

Currently, the quintuplets are 6 years old and their mom’s life has become easier.

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