Penelope Cruz, 48, pictured in a swimsuit.

Penelope Cruz is one of Hollywood’s favourites.
However, her exotic and dazzling beauty often gives the impression that the star is rather discreet. The reason is his style.

The star doesn’t use her clothes to show off, but to hide. On the red carpet, we see her wearing luxurious but not too complicated clothes.

Penelope is also a longtime Chanel ambassador. Thus, she posed in front of the cameras at most of the events wearing clothes from the legendary brand.

However, they don’t always suit Cruz, as they hide all of his strengths and highlight his flaws. Nor are these fashion house garments sultry. Rather, they are timeless classics that suit elegant women more than seductive Spaniards.

In general, Penelope is still beloved by the public, but she is no longer a star of glamor. Turns out she’s free.

The paparazzi caught Cruz vacationing in Portofino with his family. She was sunbathing in a bright orange bathing suit. And she was beautiful, even if she didn’t recognize herself. It turns out that Penelope has a perfect figure, but she hides it with ridiculous clothes. Young girls are also jealous and this motivates them to “go to the gym today”.

And it turns out that simple things like denim blouses look better on the star than frilly dresses. Maybe Cruise is changing his style after all? Fans hope so.

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