Paul Walker’s daughter reveals touching photo with her dad.

Meadow Walker pays tribute to his late father. The American model admitted that she was in mourning for the loved one.

This eve marked nine years since the death of the star of the Wild Speed ​​series: on November 30, 2013, Paul Walker died in a car accident. The actor was only 40 years old.

His daughter, Meadow, remembers her father in public every year. The model posted a touching photo of her and Paul bowling together. Meadow is still a baby in the photo and the giant ball barely fits in her hand. But she smiles and her father stands behind her.

“Nine years without “you”. I love you, my angel,” Meadow captioned the photo. The message from the actor’s successor drew a strong reaction from fans. Many acknowledged that they will miss Paul.

Even Vin Diesel reached out to his best friend.” 9 years old”… Underneath a photo of him and Paul, he wrote: “I love you so much and I miss you.”

The Wild Speed ​​actor played Meadow’s father after Walker’s death.

Vin walked her down the aisle when the model got married last year. Diesel promised his best friend that he would never leave her and would always take care of her like his own child.

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