Dogs rescued from landfill reunite a year later to recreate the emotion

Cooper, Trixie and Bruno haven’t always had comfortable dog beds. Before being rescued, the three dogs shared a dirty mattress in a landfill. They cuddled together for warmth and often comforted each other, but it wasn’t as comfortable as a real home. When help arrived, things changed. But it didn’t take long for the three to be separated into different foster homes and start their own lives.

But they never forgot the time they spent together. The three dogs slept on an abandoned mattress. Almost a year later, the three puppies were reunited and photographed in a touching reunion. Working together, all three were rescued and adopted by different organizations. We recently posted an update on Cooper, a former RSR (a Labrador mix) and everyone was asking “What happened to the other two dogs?”. Cooper’s foster family reunited with Trixie and Bruno and they were reunited last weekend. The rescue could not have gone better.”

The family and their respective rescue dogs are having a good time in Minnesota, a far cry from where the puppies started. “[Ils] were found in a known landfill and one of our rescue partners called for help,” said Kelly Hansen, marketing and communications manager for Ruff Start Rescue. “Trixie and Bruno were rescued the same day”. While Trixie and Bruno were being taken care of, Cooper evaded capture. He was scared and didn’t fully trust those who were going to get him to safety.

The rescuers knew he was still there, so they went to check on him from time to time,” Hansen said. At the end of February, he was ready to be rescued and jumped into the van. We quickly understood why the puppies were initially restless. A thorough veterinary examination revealed that each of them would have to have a leg amputated before they could find a loving home. Fortunately, once each dog became healthy enough, that’s exactly what happened. All three dogs are now grateful for their second chance.

Cooper’s mother, Brenda Hazmet, said: “He’s doing great! .” Bruno’s family say he is very nice and happy to be home, Trixie seems to be doing well but is more easily agitated than the boys. We think the boys have been protective of him. There may be many changes throughout the year, but we hope that reuniting with old friends is a tradition that will continue. As for Cooper, his new mom can’t imagine life without him. He’s the perfect dog,” said Hazmett. A lot of people would say he’s lucky to be with us, but we consider ourselves very lucky.

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