A two-faced French cat became a dad: look at his kittens

Some animals make you think of one thing: “this is nothing but a wonder of nature”. Narnia, a cat born in France, is one of them. She is world famous for her unusual coloration. His nose is also divided in two: a black part, the other gray. The body of the animal is black with a white “collar” on the neck.

The Narnian cat was born with an unusual color and became famous all over the world. Narnia is British. Its owner, a breeder, chose this breed because “how not to melt when you see it?”.

A rare color, like Narnia, which breeders call “Chimera”. One explanation is that the genes of two different ancestors were merged into a single animal. Sometimes it’s not just the coat that’s colored, but also the eyes. This famous cat received a gift.

Thanks to her coloring, Narnia has become an internet star. He now has more than 250,000 followers on Instagram (extremist organization banned in Russia). And recently the cat gave birth to offspring. Instead of inheriting their father’s characteristics, the kittens “share” his color: one is born gray, the other black.

Kittens share half their color with their father.

Another cat with another peculiarity, slanted eyes, has become an Internet star. Due to this defect, he was once homeless. Then he met the girl of his life: Rachel simply fell in love with this cute, purring little grey. Also, be sure to check out this pup: his facial expressions are going to drive the internet crazy.

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