18-year-old boy bought an old houseboat and made a chic one: his parents were delighted

Billy Walden, 18, lives in Lancaster, England. The boy loves to work with his hands, he constantly repairs, builds and rebuilds – he even managed to restore an old VW motorhome himself. And recently, he transformed an old rusty boat into a beautiful boat for his family. And he did it all in just two months.

The man bought the barge for £5,000 (over £400,000) as a present for his mother. “It’s great to be able to build such a boathouse for my family”. Billy said. It took a lot of work, because a lot of things had to be completely rebuilt.

The boat was supposed to cost around £12,000 but as it didn’t pass all the tests we were able to buy it for a cheaper price. Then we spent around £2800 more to rebuild it the way we wanted it. Now there is room for everyone, a bathroom, glass doors to the terrace and even cheap Audi car seats.”

It’s like a floating summer house where the whole family can relax in the summer. So began the arduous task, because almost everything had to be completely rebuilt. Billy wasn’t the least bit discouraged by this moment; he was very encouraged by how the old houseboat was gradually transforming into a dream house.

First, all partitions have been removed and the result is an open space. In places he used sections of wood and metal to create a frame which he then gradually filled in. The cottage’s kitchen and dining room are man-made. He wanted everything to be natural, which is why all the furnishings and furniture are made of wood.

The living room also has glass doors opening onto the terrace. And this room is for Billy’s little sister.

The second bedroom is above Matilda Jane.

Her mother and sister are busy decorating the bedroom, adorning it with beautiful curtains, embroidery and other charming elements.

And Billy has transformed the terrace itself into a veritable oasis, with an outdoor seating area. The boat is now complete and the family sails on it regularly.

“We have covered hundreds of kilometers on the canals and along the coast on our new boat. We like to relax as a family this way.

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