What does legendary movie star Rowan Atkinson look like at the age of 67?

Believe it or not, our childhood idol Mr. Bean has already turned 67

Absolutely everyone knows the legendary, talented and successful actor R. Atkinson who brilliantly played the role of Mr. Bean, a character who rose to global recognition to become iconic and well known not only in Britain, but also all over the world.

The movie star is a car collector who possesses a sense of humor that delights everyone with his charisma and generosity. Rowan recently admitted that without the legendary character of Mr. Bean, he could not achieve great success and worldwide fame.

Although Rowan is already 67 years old, the great actor continues to shine in films and his excellent acting skills are highly appreciated by producers and viewers alike.

According to reliable sources, Rowan has one child, born during his current married life, another 2 children from his previous marriage.

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