This family man lost 233 kilos: the loving wife supported her kind husband

The hero of our story is Killas Givens. The young man was plump from childhood.

Despite his appearance, a kind beautiful girl fell in love with him. They got married and gave birth to 3 daughters.

Already, at 35, Killasse weighed 330 kilos. The man suffered infinitely from his overweight, but could not stop it.

For two and a half years, he had been lying down day and night and could not move his body. It was his loving wife who took care of him.

This reality prevented the man and his family from feeling happy. The man understood that he was going to lose his wife and children and destroy his life.

And he decided to lose weight at all costs.

The man went to a specialist. The doctor confirmed that his situation was very serious and action should be taken as soon as possible.

Killiasse went to participate in a reality show called “I weigh 300 kg” which literally saved his life.

During a month of participation, the man lost almost 70 kilos after which he started to walk again.

Doctors advised him to undergo stomach reduction surgery.

After the surgery, Killiasse lost 120 kilos. But the man did not give up, he continued his diet and in a year and a half he lost another 43 kilograms.

After such a great weight loss, he had surgery to remove the excess skin.

Thanks to his will to live and work for his family, the man managed to save his life and achieve his goal.

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