“Holds toddler daughter on magazine cover”: Schiffer with baby in arms thrilled network

Photos of model Schiffer with her infant heiress have touched fans

Schiffer, 52, addressed her daughter in a touching way on a remarkable occasion and delighted everyone online.

The angelic appearance of the iconic woman in a Grecian-style outfit gently holding her baby in her arms left no one indifferent.

The charming celeb’s hair was lightly let down and her delicate makeup was admired by her followers. His adorable gaze was truly something extraordinary.

Claudia notices that her daughter is already 18 years old and with her sensitivity, creativity and frankness, she is the greatest source of inspiration for the legendary model.

It should be noted that the three children of the unrealistically handsome and well-known model were born during her married life with Mr. Vaughn, a British producer and director. The iconic model literally left everyone speechless with her wedding to the ‚Cards, Money and Two Guns‘ movie director, which was rather unexpected. It is relevant to mention that before this union, Schiffer had dated the illusionist D. Copperfield.

It is noteworthy that during her modeling career, Claudia actively participated in candid and even once completely naked photoshoots.

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