Here’s why the Hadid sisters didn’t accept Rihanna’s invitation

This is why the Hadid sisters strongly refused to be present at Rihanna’s show

It should be noted that the Hadid sisters categorically refused to be present at the new show of singer Rihanna since she also invited the movie star Depp.

It is known that soon after the unpleasant incidents and scandals between A. Heard and the Hollywood “Pirate”, the representatives of the entertainment industry divided into large groups: those who supported Amber and were on his side and those who believed that Depp was the one telling the truth. In their absence, the popular sisters made it clear which side they were on.

As soon as the Hadid sisters were informed that Depp was invited to the iconic brand’s runway, the sisters strongly declined Rihanna’s invitation. What’s more, many started claiming that they weren’t going to wear clothes from the legendary woman’s new collection anymore. It should be noted that Hurd supported the sisters for whom it was unacceptable to be there and to be alongside the actor.

Rihanna declined to comment on her views on the scandal. In this regard, it should be noted that C. Delevingne and Shayk gladly accepted Rihanna’s invitation.

What do you think of this situation? Who do you think is right?

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