Charming dark-skinned, blue-eyed woman and daughters thrilled the internet

This woman called Rasikat was born into a simple Nigerian family. The charming dark-skinned, blue-eyed girl delighted her compatriots and then the whole Internet.

Her extraordinary beauty attracted people’s eyes from her childhood.

Neighbors visited her to admire her handsome face with dark skin and twinkling blue eyes.

Young people fell in love with her and dreamed of marrying her.

But Rasikat gave her heart to an honest man called Abdul Oma-Dad who loved her very much.

Some scientists confirm that blue eyes in black people are the result of a genetic mutation.

Rasikat says, if this is even a truth, she will never want to change her eye colors.

The couple’s first child was a blue-eyed girl.

This phenomenon attracted the attention of modeling agencies who invited Rasikat and her little girl to participate in photo shoots.

But the father of the family did not want his wife to accept this proposal.

Rasikat’s second daughter also came into the world with eyes of the same color.

This time, Abdul relented and allowed his wife and daughters to accept the modeling agencies‘ proposal.

These photo shoots enriched the family, and the Nigerian beauties became popular in their country and elsewhere.

And now everyone thinks that when they grow up, little girls will become models or maybe actresses.

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