These wonderful twins are listed in the Guinness Book of Records։ this is an exceptional case

It is a truly amazing and moving story.

Maria and Chris Jones-Elliott already had a daughter and a son.

But the spouses wanted to have other little ones too. Their children were quite old when the couple found out they were expecting twins.

Maria was infinitely happy and getting ready to welcome the new members of the family.

But at the 23rd week of pregnancy, the woman felt unwell and went to see the doctor. It turned out that she was going to give birth prematurely.

So the first of the twin girls, Amy, was born on June 1, 2012.

At first, the doctors offered the woman to terminate the pregnancy, but Maria did not want to listen to anything.

Before Maria, probably no woman gave birth to twins 87 days apart. It was a special case.

The premature baby was fighting for her life in the intensive care unit and her sister Katie remained in her mum’s womb.

Their mother also remained in the hospital until her second twin was born.

The second daughter was born on August 27 at 36 weeks and four days. Katie’s weight was 2.5 kilograms and the child was healthy.

“Finally, my little ones are united. When Katie was born, doctors put her in the incubator next to her sister.

It seemed to me that the little ones felt comfortable together,” Maria said.

For the longest interval between the births of twins, the twins, Amy and Katie, set a new record which was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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