He wins $30 million and collects the huge prize in disguise for not being recognized

Every man has several desires, but most of them cannot be fulfilled without a good amount of money.

Our hero lives in the town of Litang, east of Nanning, China. He had many dreams and to make them come true he often bought lottery tickets.

One day he decided to get several lottery tickets at once.

The man went to a store and bought 40 tickets. Tickets weren’t expensive. By buying them, he hid his real name.

He introduced himself as Li, because if he won, his relatives and friends might ask him for money or different gifts.

On each ticket the man indicated the same numbers.

When the man realized he had won $30 million, he was amazed.

And no time was to be wasted. To receive his prize, Li immediately took a train to the capital. He didn’t even say anything to his wife and children.

But how do you hide your identity to keep your winnings a secret?

Then an ingenious idea came to the lucky man. He decided to go and collect his prize by dressing up in a costume.

He bought a bizarre, all-yellow suit and showed up to collect his check.

As soon as he got his money, he gave an interview to social media and told them the reason for his funny behavior.

“Neither my wife nor my children know that I won the lottery. I’m afraid they’ll be content with it and don’t want to work anymore,” the disguised man said.

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