Ashley Graham’s extraordinary look in a mini caught everyone’s attention on the model

Popular model Graham has been attacked by critics because of her figure

The most popular model has never ceased to amaze her followers greatly with her extraordinary and eye-catching outfits, originality and attractiveness.

She was often spotted in revealing and daring looks bravely showing off her outsized figure. She often shows her belly without retouching the filters and, it is clear that with such photos she literally leaves everyone speechless.

One of her recent looks was in a cute dress in brown color and with a cleavage area that highlighted the model’s body.

With her daring looks with a cleavage, she definitely grabs everyone’s attention, while revealing her “imperfect body”. In recent photos, her fans clearly noticed cellulite.

While many highly appreciate Ashley’s courage and femininity, supporting her no matter what and defending her whenever the model is attacked by villains and enemies. Here are 20 looks from the plus-size model that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

How did you like the look of the non-standard model?


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