A cute baby girl who was born without arms is adopted by loving parents

It happens that parents abandon their child who comes into the world with an illness or a handicap.

But there are kind people who adopt these children, care for them and surround them with love and family warmth.

The biological parents of little Vasiline abandoned her after her birth because she was born almost without arms.

The girl’s left hand did not exist and the right hand was very short, malformed and only with two fingers.

Spouses Chris and Elmira Knutsen had three children, the eldest of whom was special and another was adopted.

Upon learning the story of little Vasiline who was born without arms, the couple decided to adopt her too.

Being adopted by foreign parents, little Vasiline was taken away from her native country.

Now the girl was cared for and loved by her caring parents.

The little girl surprised her parents when she managed to eat on her own with her feet.

The baby’s mother filmed the times when she ate with her feet, holding the fork with her toes.

Several subscribers liked the video and admired his persistence in achieving his goal.

The video has been viewed over 66 million times and almost 1.5 million people have shared it.

“There are people who are not sick and who complain about life, and this girl does not give up eating on her own. »

“She has more strength and firmness than many of us,” users wrote in their comments.

“I am a mother of a disabled baby. And every day my child surprises me with how he develops skills that no doctor predicted.

Vasiline is a message of hope for those who think that it is impossible to overcome certain difficulties,” said the mother-of-girl.

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