Prince Harry and his wife Markle are about to separate, according to reliable sources

Royal expert thinks Prince Harry and Markle are close to divorce

The latest news regarding the British royal family has raised a lot of questions and many have led to the legendary spouses being on the verge of parting ways. The fact that they recently had a serious quarrel and moved to different houses, causes their fans to worry and be very concerned about the spouses.

The life of the spouses is always the focus of everyone’s attention. First, being a family member and the scandalous start to their relationship caught the attention of the whole nation. However, recently a reality show aired and nasty details about the family shared by the woman could have seriously offended the king.

The royal expert expressed her attitude towards the situation on her YouTube channel saying that the spouses have already turned to a lawyer, which literally shocked people, because no one could expect such a turnaround. Many cling to the opinion that the spouses just pretend to still be together, but, in fact, they have already broken up.

What do you think? Are they really going to divorce?


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