Middleton broke royal rules in a sheer skirt

The princess showed her beauty.

Even at a closed-door funeral, Kate Middleton knows how to place the press on high-profile legends. The Princess of Wales wore an outfit that the royal person would hardly have dared to wear. Kate called Albert Hall with William for a memorial evening. The sad official event turned a little brighter as soon as the public noticed what the prince’s wife was wearing.

Middleton tried not to go beyond royal protocol. A strict black jacket with a belt, elegant pumps, as well as a small handbag. She did not forget about bright accents, a small brooch with red tulips was apparent on the necklace, and a chic pearl necklace was around her neck.

There was no picture of the “cherry”. The princess showed the world her shapely legs under a skirt. True, this detail somewhat emphasized the modest image.


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