Kylie’s look in a corset with a low neckline caught everyone’s attention

Kylie’s stunning look in a corset with cleavage made her ‚the queen of luxury‘

Recently, the magnificent celebrity was present at the exhibition dedicated to Thierry Mugler. The chic and spectacular appearance of the young star attracted everyone’s attention.

As it seems, the iconic woman really likes the fashion house Mugler, as she appears quite frequently wearing clothes from the brand. She just couldn’t miss the exhibition and decided to leave everything in Los Angeles and move to New York to charm everyone there.

Her elegant black dress made a deep impression on everyone there without exception. She completed her gorgeous look with gloves.

The delicate makeover, the eyes highlighted with brown eyeshadow, dark eyeliner and mascara made her image even more fantastic. Her lips are painted with dark lipstick and lip liner. Stylists put Jenner’s hair in a bun that suits her image.

There were jewels on her head resembling a crown. The star completed her phenomenal look with some gorgeous earrings.

“The Queen of Luxury”, “Wow”, “She is magnificent”, “Perhaps the most beautiful guest of the exhibition”, “Incredible!”.

How did you like its spectacular appearance? Are you a fan of her?


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