If a true friendship exists between a man and a woman: surprisingly good answer

There is a question that mankind often asks.

People try to find out if friendship can really exist between a woman and a man.

But opinions are always individual.

And what is the answer of science regarding this question?

According to experts, two people of opposite sexes can form a beautiful sincere friendship, but one fine day, a hidden feeling can suddenly arise and change the friendly relationship into one of love and sex.

There is always a risk that such a friendship can always be transformed into something different.

These relationships between male and female friends have been deeply studied by scientists.

Experts find that the approach of the male sex is completely physical and due to this peculiarity, the man grasps the conduct of the woman in a different way.

A girl can hug her friend in a sincere way or hold his hand. But this gesture will be understood by the young man quite differently.

To better understand how different gestures are captured in other ways, experts from a Norwegian university conducted a survey.

They interviewed about 310 students up to age 30. They should answer questions about their experience of such friendship and the interpretation of certain behaviors.

The results and conclusions were surprising: men perceive every gesture of women physically and interpret their friendly behavior inaccurately.

The cause of misperception is linked to evolution. According to science, man acts by instinct, because his goal is to increase his own species.

Consequently, he perceives his friend’s conduct in a different way.

So science proves that a friendship between a man and a woman is impossible.

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