A grown man looks so young that he is mistaken for his daughter’s boyfriend

Our life is constructed in such a way that over the years we become older and older.

Generally, most people can’t stand gray hair and wrinkles and suffer when noticing the first signs of aging.

Some try to undergo various special treatments.

But there are those who easily adapt to their new situation and look much younger than others, without any intervention and special means.

This man managed to stay young forever. His name is Edson Brandao.

Strangers never guess his real age and this family man looks barely 30 years old.

While this nice man is 54 years old and when he goes out with his children, he is taken for the boyfriend of his adopted daughter.

He says he has three brothers and is the eldest in their family. But during family gatherings, he was asked if he was the youngest.

Edson publishes his photos on his social network page and shares the secret of his youth.

“Everyone wants to know how I manage to look so young.”

The man says he doesn’t age thanks to his youthful spirit and positive mentality.

He says he never used special means and never underwent facial rejuvenation treatments.

Regarding his diet, he explains that he doesn’t follow any special diet, he just eats a lot of vegetables.

Edson finds that the secret of his youth is hidden in his optimism. He sees everything as good and encourages everyone not to focus on the problems.

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