The bride unexpectedly invited their grandmothers as bridesmaids.

Inviting grannies to be bridesmaids was the best decision the bride made

In a large number of countries, brides are mainly accompanied by their bridesmaids who are usually dressed similarly to the bride and make her day even more special and remarkable. This tradition has continued in many nations, but today’s story is of a bride who decided to change it to some extent, which greatly surprised the whole world.

Instead of her young friends or colleagues, the charming bride invited her and her newlyweds’ grannies to be their bridesmaids.

Their main purpose was to make their beloved grannies feel happy. The wedding ceremony turned out to be wonderful and everything went well.

Newlyweds saw it as their responsibility to please their grannies.

They are the ones who made this day even more special and unforgettable.

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