Back to childhood. Rebel Wilson at the Paris Hilton theme party

Here at what she looked like at the rally.

The actress appeared at an energetic Santa Monica rally hosted by the 2000s fashion icon to celebrate the start of Paris Virtual World as well as the wedding anniversary of Hilton and her husband Carter Reum, a world of specially built advanced fairy tale on the sunny California beach.

Among the celebrity guests was Rebel Wilson as well as his girlfriend Ramona Agrumah. With a Disneyland aesthetic as the backdrop for the evening, Rebel chose to style the look with a Disney-themed Gucci sweatshirt, black leather pants and a bright green cardigan.

The image of the hostess of the evening also deserves special attention. Paris showed off her model form in a neon floral Oscar de la Renta mini dress. In the clip, which the 42-year-old actress shared on the internet, Rebel dances, takes part in a variety of themed competitions and generally has fun on Friday nights. Also, it was the first time Rebel and Ramona had been together since their daughter Royce was born via surrogate.

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