Woman Brings Dog Home After Traveling 1,300 Miles To Find Owner No Longer Wants Him

Nobody knows exactly how Bru, a Pit Bull cross, came from Florida to Michigan. The pup was finally settled in March at the Midland County Humane Society in central Michigan. He was taken in as a stray and staff were delighted to find he had a microchip.

They called the phone number on the chip. A woman in Florida responded. She told them that her dog had been missing for a week. She didn’t know how Bru had crossed the country, but she wanted him back.

The staff were delighted to hear the news and reunited Bru with his owner. They posted a message on social media asking if anyone could bring the year-old dog to the Sunshine State. Local media even reported on their request for a driver.

“We had a lot of people responding and offering to help,” Logan Smith, an animal care technician with the Midland County Humane Society, told Dodo. This community has really risen to the occasion. It’s incredible.”

Among the hundreds of volunteers, Michigan resident Stephanie James won the job of driver. “This dog needs to come home,” James said. I love Florida, I love driving and I thought, “Why not?”.

James took the day off, picked up his brother, filled up with gas and drove to the shelter to pick up Blue.” As soon as I saw her, I said, “Oh my God, you’re so cute”. She’s a beautiful female dog,” he said.

Then the three set off.” I didn’t even know Bru until I picked her up from the shelter, James said. During the ride, Bru rested his head on my shoulder. Bulldog Bru moved from Michigan to Florida. About 1,300 miles later, after a few stops at gas stations and fast food joints, a swim in the ocean and a hotel stay, they entered South Florida.

When they arrived at their host’s house, James said she let them in. Blue immediately recognized where he was. He ran all over the house and everything seemed to be fine. He rolled over and was on his back,” James said. About an hour later, Bru’s owner returned home. Bru had been doing jumps and was very excited when he saw her,” James said.

James said they discussed how Bru got to Michigan. Bulldog Blue was brought to Florida from Michigan. Blue’s family told her the dog was left in a kennel in the backyard when they weren’t home and someone kept taking her away. They think someone kidnapped him again, or somehow he escaped.

“He is a very lively, very intelligent dog. They think he approached the highway and someone picked him up,” James said. After talking for a while, James said he had received some surprising news. The owner said he thought Blue should move back to Michigan.

“He said to me, ‘I go to school full time, I work full time, and I can’t commit to a dog.’ You seem like good people.” Bru really likes you very much. You took good care of him.” James said. James was stunned.” I thought, “You could have told me that a long time ago.

Then James and his brother put Bru back in the car and started driving away. “James said, ‘Bru looked at the back of the house and was like, ‘Wait a minute.’” We said, “It’s going to be fine, Bru, we love you”. I was devastated and he turned his head to look out the window. I said, ‘I can’t be mad, this is the best thing for Bru. I can’t be angry.”

James called the SPA and said they were all going back to Michigan. He told them he would love to adopt Bru, but his own home was already full of his other rescue dogs. As James, his brother and Bru got back on the road, making other stops and staying in hotels, the Humane Society posted a message on Facebook to let all of Bru’s supporters know what was going on: he was now on his way. for Michigan and in the process of being adopted.

Driving, James had no idea how many requests from people wanting to adopt Bru had poured into the shelter.

Two hours after James returned to the Humane Society, a man who had been approved to adopt Bru arrived to see him. “I am looking for another dog. I had to put my pit bull down six months ago,” Robert Ellison said. My cousin called me and asked me if I had heard of this dog. I said no’.”

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