Proof that time flies and you don’t need a clock or calendar to see it.

We take dozens or hundreds of photos every day without thinking about it. But the photographs not only capture moments, they also show the passage of time. If you take a new photo as close to an old photo as possible, you can see the changes that have taken place. These photos show how quickly time has passed. “Since 2012, I have been taking new photos with the same actors.

“The difference between one meter and 30 centimeters.”

“In 1988 my dad was photographed carrying a red suitcase, 30 years later the bag hasn’t changed, but he has changed a bit.”

“How fast they grow.”

This little ball of fur has grown in two years.

“After all these years, it’s in the same place.”

„I got married in 2013 and now every year I have a new photo with the person I was with.“

„Six weeks is six months.“

“Me and my boyfriend in 2004, this is us, but in 2017!”

“I used to be smaller than an ink cartridge, now I’m bigger than a game console.”

„And the shelves are too small for people in four months.“

“Sunday school. My eldest sons are a prince and a princess. We are married and will soon have our first son”.

After all these years, nothing has changed. Or rather, almost nothing…

“My father restored a photograph in front of the house where he spent his childhood”.

If you have other interesting photos, please add them in the comments. You may have the opportunity to see them in the next selection.

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