Have you ever seen a mother opossum carrying her babies on her back? A photographer managed to capture this image

Technological advances regarding North American opossums have not gone unnoticed. The constant traffic on the highway poses a danger to the little creature because it is invisible to the driver.

A man named Ed was driving down a road in suburban Wisconsin when he spotted a possum crossing the road in the distance. He was going pretty fast, but someone slowed him down like he was dragging a bag behind him. The driver realized it was not a piece of luggage, but five skinny, restless children clinging to their mother as she crossed the road.

The foursome looked ridiculous as they clung to their mother’s waist to shield themselves from the wind. As there was little room on the mother’s back, one of the cubs grabbed her tail and snuggled up to her. But she is not in an uncomfortable position. Thanks to its strong tail, the possum clung to the branch and did not get stuck on the ground. One of the brothers was in a much more difficult position as he clung to his mother’s head. The centipede was moving on its own, desperately trying to reach the other side as quickly as possible.

This photo is typical. There is a strong bond between mother and child. In the United States and Canada, there are no marsupials other than opossums. When marsupials were small, they carried their babies for long distances.

But our animal heroes are so old that they no longer fit in our pockets. Some of the videos posted on the Internet showing a family of marsupials walking on the backs of their parents are quite telling.

Young animals don’t just sit on their backs when they walk. Between the second and fifth month, the young seldom leave their mother’s neck. But once the offspring begins to live independently, it ceases to maintain social contacts. If they don’t need to reproduce, they don’t join their families.

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