Grandma isn’t a fan of new pup, until he saves her life

When Annabelle Camp found a skinny pup on the side of an unnamed road in Georgia, she had no idea her discovery would set off a chain of events that would culminate in saving two lives. Camp took the puppy home, which she named Mason, and took care of it. But she knew she couldn’t keep the lost one – her grandmother wouldn’t allow it.

“I made a deal with my grandmother that he would go to the Humane Society as soon as they had a foster family open for him,” Camp said. “So a week at most.” Mason, the puppy lost at home with Annabelle Camp.

With no foster family, Mason was placed in boarding school until he was strong enough to seek his forever home. But while he was there he fell ill and was hospitalized. When Camp found out, she begged her grandmother to allow the dog to come home. Camp’s grandmother agreed – but she wasn’t happy.

„I was hysterical,“ Camp said. „I had to find my baby.“ Under Camp’s care, Mason healed and grew rapidly. But Camp couldn’t shake the feeling that it all happened for a reason – and she was right. “I knew he had a purpose on this earth, beyond being my pet dog and being a real pain in the ass,” Mr. Camp wrote in a Facebook post. „And last night he proved it.“

Last Monday night Mrs Camp woke up to Mason standing over her in bed barking in her face: ‚I jumped up and knew something was wrong not,” she wrote. „He loves his sleep.“ „Mason jumped down and gave me the ‚follow me‘ look,“ she continued. “He ran down the hall (where he knows he’s not allowed) and into my grandmother’s room. I followed him into her bathroom and found him standing over her, licking her face and screaming and crying.

Camp’s grandmother was unconscious due to her heart condition. Thanks to Mason’s actions, Camp was able to restart his grandmother’s heart – and avoid the worst. Although Mason hadn’t been allowed to interact with Camp’s grandmother before, there was never any question of him being there when she needed him. „He knows what it’s like to have his life saved, so he knew he had to do the same for someone else,“ Mr Camp said. “Even though my grandmother barely tolerates it.” Did Mason’s heroic gesture prevail over that of Camp’s grandmother? The next morning I told my grandmother what he had done and she shouted, „Thank you, Mason,“ Camp said. “She now follows him when she sees him, which is more than she ever has. „She loves it in her own way,“ she added.

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