All because of Johnny Depp. The Hadid sisters miss the Rihanna show

Rihanna didn’t want to talk about the scandal or his position.

The sisters totally denied being present at Rihanna’s brand new show after learning that the singer had invited Johnny Depp to the catwalk. Thus, the models have decided to show their agreement with Amber Heard.

The latest shameful incident between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has split into two camps, not only fans of well-known artists, but also their partners in show business. Thus, it turned out that the Hadid sisters do not have a desire to see the great Hollywood pirate, and Rihanna, on the contrary, wants to share her next victory with Johnny.

According to Western newspapers, Bella and Gigi Hadid totally denied appearing at the presentation of the new selection of the Rihanna brand, knowing that the prima donna of Barbados invited Depp. When it was announced that the latter would be walking in Rihanna’s fourth show for her underwear brand called ‚Sauvage x Fenty‘ as well as being the first male model on the show something amazing started circulating on the internet.

Many netizens, including celebrities, wrote that they were saddened by Rihanna’s actions and would no longer wear her brand. It turned out that Hurd was supported by Hadid’s sisters, who, although they did not make loud statements, but indicated their position, refused to make an attempt to participate.

So, because of the celebrity moratorium, Rihanna finds herself in quite a difficult situation. Nevertheless, she did not want to talk about the scandal or her position. We know that Cara Delevingne and Shayk will be in the show, among others.

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