A touching gesture: The sweet 13-year-old boy bought a car for his beloved mother

William Preston lived in the United States. The story of this brave sweet boy has gone viral on social media.

Everyone admired her devotion and people compared her act of kindness to an achievement.

William had a sister and two brothers and his mother raised them on her own. The family always had money problems.

And for this, the 13-year-old boy decided to work as a porter to support his family.

After class, his peers took walks or practiced sports. But the boy was going to work to help his mother keep their family.

One day the boy watched a video on the Internet where he saw how a teenager gave his mother a car.

He was very impressed with this story and decided to do the same and buy a car for his beloved mom at all costs.

And to carry out his plan, he decided to sell his Xbox which was too expensive for him and which he had bought by accumulating money.

The boy gave his mother a Toyota Metro.

He wanted to reward his mother who devoted her life to raising and caring for them.

The boy’s mother was very moved. It was not just an expensive gift, but something very precious.

And everyone who heard about this act of generosity was touched and greeted the loving and caring boy.

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