A fisherman caught something huge: it was a gigantic goldfish

Fishing is considered a kind of sport. It is practiced by those who love nature and calm.

Usually, the fishermen get up early and go to sit at the mother’s edge or else a pond or a river.

A fisherman must have a calm mind and always be patient.

Andy Hackett, a 42-year-old man, lives in Champagne. Fishing is his favorite activity. He often visits the Bluewater Lakes Aquaculture Farm.

Lately he caught a huge goldfish. But this was no ordinary fish. It was a hybrid of two species, koi carp and regular carp.

Andy has heard of the carp called ‚carrot‘ that was thrown into Bluewater Pond 15 years ago, but no one has ever managed to catch it.

Some fishermen considered it a myth.

The extraordinary fish not only had a special appearance, but was very large and weighed more than 30 kilos.

It was a real record for a carp, because the heaviest carp ever caught in this lake weighed 17 kilos.

“I felt that a huge being hooked the bait. First it went down to the depths, but I managed to catch it, I was lucky,” Andy said.

After taking out the fish called Carrot, the man weighed it and the fishermen captured the unique and pleasant moments.

Then, the giant was thrown back into the water. And now, you can’t imagine this Bluewater Lake without its fabulous goldfish.

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